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Those were the Saturdays of my life until they weren’t! Soon corporate life took over. Busy all day every day until the weekend arrives to calm the week and before I knew another week ahead of me knocked, “it’s time to get back to the grind” / (On time!) For a while, I paid no attention to the chatter of the subconscious and just danced through life, until the talks started and focus shifted. Dilly dallying, I might have filled up every ear who tasted muma’s (Devi Garu) pickles with my dreams of taking it to the world! And here we are after years errrrrr decades!… Fingers crossed and taking one step at a time. Our pickles are made from ingredients which are Ethically sourced from farmers in and around Telangana, Hand pounded, made in small batches, 100% Natural and in sustainable packaging.At Edin Life we believe that one step at a time makes a huge difference than no step at all and We’re here now, taking a step towards Healthier self and a greener Earth.

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