Social media marketing and why its important


In recent years, we have seen and accepted social media marketing as one of the most important tools in building any brand, irrespective of its field, size, or audience, but how many of us understand its importance and benefits for our brand? The answer is, very few.

Today with about 4.9 billion social media users (as of September 2022), social media is no longer an optional marketing channel, it’s a necessary one.

With this article, we aim to acquaint you with the wonderful bliss of social media marketing, for any business.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media and social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram, are used in social media marketing (SMM) to promote goods and services, interact with current clients, and attract new ones. But to convince any business to put efforts into social media marketing, just knowing what it is, is not enough. They must understand the benefits of implementing the same and the potential to help them grow their business.

A few of many such benefits are listed below:

Increases Brand Awareness & Recognition:

Brand Awareness is how well someone can remember and identify a brand. It is important for any business to have strong brand recognition because when a prospective customer is making a buying decision a brand with good brand awareness is brought up. Being on your customer’s mind eliminates the competition itself.

Social Media helps you get into your prospective customer’s minds, the more they see you and what you offer, the more they’ll remember you. Social Media can make it happen in various ways, like influencer marketing, referrals, or by simple organic engagement with good content.

We remember brands like TATA, Colgate, Parle, and many more because we see them almost every day through marketing or through their products, you can build the same for your brand by enabling people to see your brand in a more cost-effective way with Kartgen.

Social media also allows you to track your brand awareness, the responsiveness of your content, and the results of your efforts. Social media will only provide you with that platform, but we can help you in using that platform effectively.

Better Inbound Traffic with Social Media Marketing:

Every social media profile you include in your marketing strategy serves as a portal to your website, and every piece of content you publish offers you another chance to attract new clients. Social media is a mashup of various personality types with a wide range of backgrounds and habits. Different people have various demands, as well as various ways of thinking. Using different social media platforms creatively can help you reach a variety of audiences, which will result in a wider customer base with a lot more scope for diversification and better customer satisfaction.

Social Media Marketing helps Outrank competitor:

For your business website to receive visitors and move up the page ranks, search engine optimization is crucial. Although social media does not directly and immediately result in better search engine ranks, it organically helps you reach the top with consistency and quality.

When someone looks up the service or product that you offer, a better search engine rank will lead them to your website. And there is no doubt that the search term in question has the potential to be quite lucrative if many businesses are competing for a spot in Google’s top 10.

Helps increase Customer Engagement & Satisfaction:

“People want to do business with you because you help them get what they want. They don’t do business with you to help you get what you want.”

Don Crowther, Marketer & Consultant

Social Media helps businesses to humanize themselves and look more appealing to their customers. Staying in touch with the customers, getting their feedback, and improving from the same helps businesses in maintaining a cordial reputation in the market. Moreover, it makes the customers feel heard and valued.

Customers appreciate getting thoughtful and genuine replies from brands when they engage with their content and use social media to raise their concerns and provide suggestions & feedback. Being able to acknowledge each comment shows that the brand is attentive to its visitors’ needs and aims to provide the best experience.

Such interactions also offer brands to showcase their compassion for their customers and their effective customer service. When the audience notices something like that, they remember it and they recommend it.

Results in Improved Brand Loyalty:

Customer satisfaction and loyalty basically go hand in hand, so when the customers feel valued and heard, they are more likely to stick around. Every business dreams to generate a loyal customer base, but only a few achieve it. In order to maintain customer loyalty, along with good products & service, one must not forget to regularly engage with the customers and make them want to buy from you again.

Customers see social media as a service channel that enables them to connect directly with the brand, not only about a certain product but about everything that the brand stands for. Frequent customers expect attention from businesses, and social media presents businesses with the opportunity to do so.

But to pay attention to every single customer that reaches out on social media, that too in a personalized way can be hectic, and to manage that for your business, Kartgen can help you.

Social Media Marketing is cost effective:

One of the many reasons for the popularity of social media and social media marketing is its cost-effectiveness. Great results require great investments too, but social media marketing requires more effort than it requires monetary investment.

As you try your hands on social media marketing, you’ll learn a lot more benefits that will surely make it your top priority but to get there you need to get started now. So if you haven’t already, make the appropriate social media profiles for your business, it’s free and effective! If you need help in maximizing the return from your investment in social media marketing, consider Kartgen as a helping hand to manage this for you & with you.

We bring our experience and expertise to cater to your needs and grow alongside your business. Be it social media marketing, web development, hosting services, or any startup consultation that you need, Kartgen is here, and it’s affordable. If you need further help to make your business better, drop us a mail at hello@kartgen.in.

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